Gladwell attributes part of eventual success on family/culture advantages. We try 🙂

Last week, next week: the past and future are on my mind.

This last week on Road to Joy I blogged about family culture.  One thing I left out of that blog, mainly because it was already the longest blog in the history of the world, was the importance that sports — especially bicycling, swimming, and triathlon — play in blending our Brady Bunch family.  My husband is an engineer, but for years owned a triathlon/bicycle store.  When we first married, my youngest child told her teacher that her new step-father was a bicycle mechanic.  We have bicycle tools and stands everywhere, and seven bicycles hang from hooks in our playroom ceiling.  Our trainers hold permanent place of pride in our formal living room with the best view of the TV and position relative to the speakers.    Easy to see how she could make the mistake.

While none of the kids quite share our enthusiasm for bicycling, the bicycles come with us everywhere — mountain biking at the lake, road bicycling at Brazos Bend, or simply riding the bikes to the pool.  We have done multiple family races, but only short ones.  However, we have semi-firm commitments from 6 of our 7 to do the MS 150 from Houston to Austin next year.  And 2 of our girls and counting have their eyes on the Half Ironman prize.  They both came and cheered us on for our first 70.3; we look forward to doing the same for them.  Outdoor sports, especially cycling, weave in and out of all our best family memories.

Next week, I am pleased to announce guest blogger Rob Grissom, an enthusiastic road cyclist and coach with a growing following.  You can read more from Rob on his blog.

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