Screen shot of side by side video chat, after a week of Eric in Montreal.

Somebody tell me he was really really sleepy.


p.s. For tips on staying connected while one of you travels, check out: Couples who make you want to puke — distance dating and Looking for love in all the right places.



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19 Responses to He loves me THIS MUCH.

  1. You guys have got to be the cutest couple ever. I’m so thankful for your blog so I can keep up with you guys between visits. I’m glad that Eric is back and I hope he stays still for a little while……still in the way of traveling, but definitely not in the way of training.

    Loving the Bike recently posted..Make it Happen Monday: Money Man

  2. Eric Hutchins says:

    This is so totally unfair :).
    I had a terrible headache, my eyes were closed because my head hurrrrrrt.

  3. LBDDiaries says:

    Awwww – you guys are SO gaggy. I LOVE that about you. Looks to me like Eric was really, really sleepy. What had you two been talking about, hmmmm? I think it is time for another Intimacy challenge. How can we make it even better this time?
    LBDDiaries recently posted..The Closer I Get To Him

  4. —Classic Photo :))) xx
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Wondrous Winter White

  5. Peter says:

    I don’t know if it is MR. Excitement or MRS. Excitement!

  6. Sandy says:

    Awwwww, poor guy! He was sleepy….
    Sandy recently posted..Self Doubt

  7. Ally says:

    This is so funny because last summer I was traveling in CA for business and was sitting up in bed Skyping with my husband/watching tv and was totally falling asleep! LOL
    Ally recently posted..Sometimes Bad = Good

  8. All’s you can do when you get this kind of picture is say, “Nite nite”. LOL
    Theresa Sonoda recently posted..Thoughts and Kleenex

  9. Kelly says:

    That’s a funny photo. I’m glad you’re both taking it in good fun.

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