Gene’s Twitter Pic. Yep, those are the legs of a distance runner.

I am excited to share a reader’s review of Love Gone Viral. This reader doubles as a friend online (met through Twitter: @boutdrz) and, as of recently, IRL. Gene is, like Eric and me, happily married for the second time. We met his wife Tracy and their young son Bryce last month, and they are truly one of those couples (and families) who make you want to puke. So cute! High school sweethearts who re-found each other after a whole lot of livin’. They also have a blended household like us, too. And, Gene is a runner. He runs and runs and runs and runs. He’s training for a 50-miler, something I am very jealous of as that is how I blew out my foot. Clearly, I am not meant to run 50 miles. Which only means I want to all the more!

So, please visit Gene’s site, Accountability, and see what he has to say after reading Love Gone Viral: CLICK HERE.

Happy Monday



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