Petey the one-eyed Boston terrier went under the knife for the snip-snip. You know, neutering. Why, you may rightly ask, would we do this to our sweetie Petey?
Well, when we picked him up from boarding at the super awesome Polka Dot Dogs two weeks before, they said, “Your little darlin’ is trying to become a father and has his one eye on that Chihuahua over there. And the cockapoo. Oh, and also the Maltese.”
Pooooooor Petey. In his defense, he told me all three were super hot little bitches. And he loves Polka Dot Dogs. Instead of kennels, they let all the dogs of similar size and temperament play in open rooms together. He’d like us to take him along wherever we go, but if he can’t go with us, he prefers PDD.
PDD, however, has a policy: At the age of seven months, little boy doggies no longer get to stay in open-room boarding if they can’t keep it to themselves. While I think anyone would be lucky to get the bonus of little Peteys along with the price of their boarding, I guess I can accept this.
Well, today the rest of this story (republished as an adapted excerpt from Puppalicious and Beyond with the permission of SkipJack Publishing) appears on the site of my good friend Sandy Webb. Sandy is an animal lover extraordinaire. She is practically the horse whisperer, and she is the “Mom” to a terrier named Tater Tot that rivals Petey for cuteness. To read the rest of Petey’s story, CLICK HERE.

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