Oh what a difference a month makes!

When I posted on our foray into natural health and wellness alternatives for our teenage son – an ADHD/Asperger’s young man affectionately dubbed Clark Kent since his early childhood, — we had a lot of information and not much action. In fact, after only two weeks of “trying,” and not trying very hard at that, CK left for a two week backpacking camp and returned with a momentous announcement: he had taken a treatment vacation during his trip, and, while he was unmedicated, he had decided that he was done with medication. Why? Because he didn’t want anyone controlling him.


Not only that, he was “done” with treatment of all kind. He declared his treatment independence and crossed his arms across his chest.


To read the rest of Rebel, with or without a Cause on {a mom’s view of ADHD}, CLICK HERE.

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4 Responses to Rebel, With or Without a Cause

  1. Great post. Yes I went over and read then added my 2 cents!!! Love that he’s on Krill and that your changes are working. I’m not surprised! Chemicals are bad juju no matter what form they take.
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..Lovers That Play Together

  2. Maytina says:

    So exciting!!! I totally agree that chems are best avoided whenever possible and it’s so so so amazing that you are finding natural ways to make it work!!

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