My son, the ADHD/Asperger’s WonderKid we affectionately call Clark Kent, recently switched out his Concerta for a natural health and wellness approach to ADHD symptom management. We had a rocky start, but after a few months, we patted each other’s backs and called it a success. Clark started his senior year in high school with his usual high expectations and with pride that he had made it off the meds, a goal of his. After four weeks of school, he printed off his progress reports: zero missed assignments. And he and his partner won his first cross-examination debate tournament of the year. Holy cow! Was it possible that he could post senior year grades worthy of attention from his “A” list schools, the ones that loved his SAT scores but not his class rank? We allowed ourselves to hope, just a tiny bit.

Ah, hope. You fickle beast.

One day he came home from school with some troubling pain in an unmentionable area (or, at least, unmentionable if I want to remain in the good graces of my son) that spurred a trip to the emergency room.

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