Some things you can never get too much of. Lay’s Potato Chips? You can’t eat just one. Halloween candy? Hello! (especially good with a spooky ghost story, like one I know, cough, Saving Grace, cough cough [click like while you’re there]). Chocolate? Eponymous wtih PMS. “Your love?” I can’t get enough of it (it’s a classic rock song, people, Google it).

Others, once will do. Root canals. Canned asparagus. Stepping in dog poo barefoot on a hot summer afternoon. {Woopsie, that’s my list anyway.}

And yet other things fall somewhere in the middle. Like information, about me.

Today British  Author (Time Keepers and Day-Walker) ~ Editor/Proofreader ~ Book Reviewer Nicki Markus had me over to her place for a little interview. Catch me over in Australia on her website spouting embarrassing and little known facts (yes there are still a few left) and talking about the process of writing, and what’s up next.

Thanks, Nicki!

While, you’re there, check out her Facebook page

So, what are you waiting for, peeps? CLICK HERE.


p.s. Did you miss Monday’s interview, where I dished little known and embarrassing facts about my Dad? Yes? Well, catch that one by CLICKING HERE (she’s giving away 3 e-copies of Saving Grace). And, in case it wasn’t obvious yet, I have a book launch in progress and you are in the middle of what is known in the publishing world as a “blog tour,” which is the modern day and much lower cost equivalent of a book tour. However, I’m doing a real live book tour in January and February. Stay tuned for details!

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