Clark Kent is the big white kid in the back on the left.

Clark Kent is the big white kid in the back on the left.

Last we checked on my ADHD/Aspie son “Clark Kent,” he was living up to his nickname in spectacular fashion while stubbornly clinging to the belief that he was soaring like Superman. Heaven help his beleaguered parents! After rebelling against medication, then dumping the alternative self-management plan (supplements, sleep, exercise, gaming limits), we saw him nosediving, but — as hard as it was — we followed trusted advice and let him crash. Then he failed two classes in the first semester of his senior year in high school, classes he needed credit for to graduate. He hadn’t completed his application to his two top college choices, either.

We were left wondering if our genius, super-talented boy would sabotage his entire future, and it was time to find out, from him. No helicopter mom or dad was going to follow him around to pick up the pieces this time. What could and would Clark Kent do to pick himself up and start again, if anything?

Our come-to-Jesus sit-down with That Boy happened one week before the start of his (hopefully) last semester of high school.

“Did you get with your counselor to figure out how to stay on track for graduation?” I asked.

To read the rest of NOW WHAT, visit {a mom’s view of ADHD}, HERE.

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