Greetings, friends. This week was BUSY with plans for the 60-city summer book tour for Saving Grace (see the Book Tour page) and with my big trip to Amarillo. Who says you can’t go home again? I’m typing this from the home of one of my longtime best friends, Ms. Stephanie Beth Hayes Swindell, who accompanied me this morning for moral support as I appeared on the Daybreak show on KVII TV. I’ll post the clip as soon as I have access to it. Chip Chandler of the Amarillo Globe News also put out a nice piece on the event, the book, and moi:


Tomorrow/April 13th will be the signing event from 2-4 at the Hastings Entertainment on Georgia in A-town. Come one, come all. It will be a party, and there is no purchase required!

Short and sweet this week. More later 🙂


p.s. For those of you interested in indie publishing, check out this sweet interview with my publicist, Paula Margulies: Profile of a Rising Star.

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10 Responses to Amarillo by Morning

  1. Irene says:

    How exciting Pam!!! TV!!!! WOW! I wish you lots of luck (at home, too, because well you know what happens when mom leaves….) and success with this book tour!! Can’t wait to hear about some of the adventures!!

    • Pamela says:

      OMG, yes, I am afraid the kids will have more fun that I’d like this summer. I am coming to PA, both Philly & Pittsburgh — hope to see you!

  2. Eric Huthchins says:

    Fortunately Marie will be here to crack the whip!

  3. Congrats, P!! Can’t wait to see the interview. Enjoy your time in A-town!
    xo hm


    Can’t wait to see the clip. X

  5. This is SOOOO exciting. I love that you post what is going on so that we can live through you vicariously. It is so much hard work but your book also sells itself!

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