Yeah, that’s my new phrase when I have so much crap going on at once that I catch myself coming and going. And that’s what this week was — pure pamdemonium.

I went from back-to-back trips to gorgeous Northwestern Washington for the day job to road testing the Bookmobile with Eric and a few kids during a monsoon to a series of fun family events before a nearly-the-best-ever book event at the Barnes & Noble San Pedro Crossing in San Antonio to a work weekend in Nowheresville to being co-sick with Eric to celebrating a sweet 16 and two more crammed in day job gigs while working on the new book and shepherding four books simultaneously through audio production, dealing with teenager hormones, and washing (seemingly) every washable article in our home.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, sicker than when I started, and headed back to Nowheresville to work again this weekend. But I ain’t complaining! As long as I’m well enough Tuesday to do some voice over work for a web training program…

Here’s some pictures, with my apologies that there are none from the San Antonio event. It was so busy I wasn’t able to take any, and Eric’s phone fried all his attempts.  — Sure, Honey, blame it on the phone — THANK YOU AUNTIE M, LEAKY BUCKET, AND MAMA KITTY FOR MAKING THE SAN ANTONIO WEEKEND AND EVENT ROCK! And, best B&N Community Relations Manager award goes to . . . Debra Castanon. Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating a tiny bit. She’s wonderful. Please, shop the store and tell her I said so.

Be sure you check out for my first-ever audio book, How to Screw Up Your Kids, with the fantabulous Sandy Weaver Carman narrating. She was so awesome we booked her for two more. And I can’t wait to share the work the other two Voice Over Artists are doing on the remaining titles! Exciting!

Well, I need to run to Walgreen’s for drugs 🙁 so that’s all for now.


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3 Responses to Pamdemonium

  1. OK! Who’s buns behind that towel? Hmmm? Such a funny pix. Sorry you’re not feeling 100 percent! Love the title – missed it the first time ’round – PAM-demonium. Ha. Your wit shining through even under the weather. Some great pix – who’s car in the water?
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..The Nan Whisperer

    • Pamela says:

      my car — right before Marie moved it to higher ground; susanne’s boyfriend’s buns under the towel as he ran back to the trailer from his truck – never trust our family not to go for the kill shot when it’s offered up to ’em!

  2. Eric Huthchins says:

    The picture of the toweled runner is SOOOOO perfect for rednecking leads to redneckedness.


    It is also an awesome picture of my amazing cell phone antenna.


    Whenever I think it cannot possibly get any busier, it does. Somehow.

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