For those of you that are keeping track of my ADHD/Aspie son Clark Kent’s rocky path toward high school graduation this year, I wanted to let you know that the ceremony is June 9th. Clark Kent will participate. The question is whether he will get a signed diploma, an issue which used to bother me a lot, and lately stresses me out less and less.

The latest bombshell Clark dropped on us was that he had  completed only 2 of his 3 online make-up courses. “I thought this one was two credits, the whole year of physical science. Turns out, there’s a separate course for the second semester,” he said.

You’d think this obstacle would have been almost insurmountable.

To read the rest, visit the original post on {a mom’s view of ADHD}.


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4 Responses to I may let him live past graduation. Or not.

  1. this picture?
    gene @bigzigfitness recently posted..2013 CBHM Race Report

  2. ERIC says:

    🙂 can you believe he is graduating???? I Still remember him running around in circles waving his arms, weighing about 50 lbs.

    • Pamela says:

      And now 250. And I can’t believe he is graduating, in fact I STILL DON’T KNOW IF HE IS YET!!!!! COUNSELOR CALLED YESTERDAY ABOUT A CLASS HE’S FAILING AGAIN!!! Hold me.

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