Well, our journey has taken us through soggy and soggier terrains these last few days. It started out dry enough: Hutchinson, Manhattan, and Overland Park (Kansas City), Kansas. Wait, I lie: it poured on us in Hutchinson too. Then we headed north, and the real rains began. Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin were almost afloat. I felt awful for the folks living there, although it wasn’t so bad for us. Amazing lightning storms lit our night skies. Pounding rain kept the deer off the roads. The weather beat the temperature down, so we were able to turn off our (thundering) air conditioner. My Red Cross Tornado Finder App did alarm a few times, which scared Petey and Eric half to death, and me three quarters of the way. All’s well that ends well, and we are now on the road to Chicago, where Eric will pass the baton to Marie.


Our events were awesome, and here are some pics:


Liz is the photographer. Above and below is Hutchinson, KS. Eric’s town, so how could it not be great?




Oops, we forgot to take pictures in Manhattan. But we had a great time, especially with the law school-hopeful young man above. It was at this stop that I learned a single-spaced memo about how to take care of me was circulating through Hastings locations. I was mortified, because it had them all terrified that I was a giant diva. I think I dispelled the notion. At least I hope I did. I promise, I am low maintenance.


Liz flew the coop, and Eric took over as my driver/assistant. Is it just me or are the Kansas City/Overland Park pictures a little blurry? 😉 Pictured here are some friends from de islans, mon.


A special reader who became a friend brought her daughter and grandson. A dear, dear soul from my Amarillo youth came.


Love, love, love the Community Relations Manager in Overland Park. Deahne, pronounced in her fabulous Australian accent as Day-ON. I think. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful and so is she. And I’m not just saying that because she said, “You are hands-down one of the best authors that I have ever met.” But I didn’t hate that at all.


Mary of Des Moines, a thriller writer and new “cousin friend” of the Irish variety. Alas, my photographer sometimes gets side-tracked, so I can’t show you pictures of the inspiring couple, John and Annette, or Abby whose friend’s husband reads zombie books to their baby, or B&N employee Matt laughing out loud as he read How to Screw Up Your Kids between checking out customers for three hours. But they rocked.


Petey, looking all marvelous in Des Moines. Dang, I wear that dress a lot, don’t I?


Writers! I love Eagan/Minneapolis writers!


Wait, my mouth is open (oh, that’s not unusual): with Bill, and Myrna and her lovely daughter.


Did I wear the same dress three out of four days in a row? Why yes I did. Well, it was a tough couple of days. Go with what makes you happy, I say, especially since it only gets worn for two hours. This pic is of Eagan/Minneapolis and the adorable Debi and Dee. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Racine, WI — speaking on “writers & writing,” and reading from the Katie & Annalise series. Great to see writer/friend Gunter Kaesdorf and his family. While being stuck in the far back corner of the store in music and video didn’t exactly drive traffic, my wonderful husband and his hand delivered handbills did. Overheard: Barnes and Noble employees talking in surprise about my book amongst themselves (because one had started reading it on her break): “She’s good. She’s really, really good.” And then she cracked it open and started reading again. I will digress here to say that we are surprising the hell out of the B&N world. It’s like, OMG, an indie that can write and sell books. OMG. However, that does say a whole lot about their experiences with indies.


My God, I want to slap some running shoes on that woman (above), take her out of horizontal stripes, and get her to stand up straight. 😉

Finally, we arrived in Chicago for a night in a pet-friendly Red Roof Inn. When we checked in, the woman said, “Are you here on your book tour for Saving Grace? Here’s a map to the bookstore tomorrow.” How sweet was that? Eric had told her when booking us that his wife was on a book tour, so she had Hutchins, Chicago, and book tour to go on and Googled until she got the essentials. So of course she got a signed book.

And that’s a (tired) wrap, folks.

Peace out,



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9 Responses to Make that the Boatmobile.

  1. Ally says:

    Wow! Exciting times for sure. Sounds like lots of great people to meet along the way.

  2. Myrna Mibus says:

    It was SO great to meet you and Eric in person!! Also fun to meet your friend, Bill. I’m still planning to write a blog about meeting you but haven’t done so quite yet. Where does the time go?!

  3. Love that dress! I think what you’ve done is brave and amazing. You are meeting wonderful people, seeing America in a way most people never will (for better or worse), and then taking the time to share with us – cool! You will certainly be changed by the end of this tour. Maybe not sane, but changed for sure (snicker).
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..He Has Rope

  4. Eric Hutchins says:

    What can I say. You amaze me. Somehow I know that YOU can get through 60 cities of it. But I am not sure who else I could say that about. You rock
    AND I LOVE that picture of you in the dress in the grass with Petey. That is awesome.

  5. Eric Hutchins says:

    PS Did I say I love you in that orange dress. 🙂

    • Pamela says:

      I wore it again tonight on #17, coincidentally. I get tons of compliments. At some point I’m going to say TO HELL WITH IT and wear it every damn day until the end, then burn it.

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