Before we tackle the title issue, take a moment: is this not the most beautiful frickin’ cover you’ve ever seen?????? Heidi, you’re a genius. I love it.

Now, back to real life. The blog tour for Leaving Annalise is in its last week. Enjoy a review and a guest post, and be sure and leave the bloggers some serious lovin’!

Monday, September 23 – Book Review at Create With Joy

Tuesday, September 24 – Guest Blogging at Raven Reviews

And here’s what’s up for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, September 25 – Book Review at Hezzie-D’s Books and Cooks

Thursday, September 26 – Book Review & Guest Blogging at Queen of All She Reads

Friday, September 27 – Book Review & Guest Blogging at Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Thanks, y’all!


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4 Responses to Emergency Book Title Assistance Needed!

  1. Pamela says:

    We’ve had an anonymous vote for Striking Harmony send via Facebook for someone who had trouble with the poll system.

  2. Anita says:

    Striking Harmony

    It makes me think of a Tibetan bowl, or a bell…..

    • Pamela says:

      Oh, I like both those images, Anita. I have thought of Striking a Chord (or Accord for that matter), being strikingly beautiful, striking a pose. I have also thought of striking testimony, striking out, being stricken, and striking someone across the face. That’s why this choice is so hard for me. I voted for SH myself, but not whole-hearted. 😉

  3. Pamela says:

    I think in fairness I must say there has been another vote for Striking Harmony via text message. But it looks like Finding Harmony may have an insurmountable lead . . .

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