ham and cheese sandwich

Y’all! I need a favor. It will take you five minutes, I promise. I need you to go into iTunes, click on Books, search for Pamela Fagan Hutchins, and go rate each of my books and audiobooks. You don’t need to leave reviews (although that would be awesome if you did), just click on the ratings and reviews tab on each book’s page and click on the number of stars that correspond to your honest review. Seriously. I need some love there. I had the books pulled down from there while I did KDP Select and it obliterated my presence. Already did it last week? Move on and do the same thing on Barnes and Noble. And thank you!

More character interviews next week.

Now, can we just say cheese?


Last summer I went on a book tour: 60-cities-in-60-days. Each of my young adult offspring was with me for two weeks at a time. They took turns being my driver, assistant, and keeper, as in keeper of my sanity.

Well, one of my kids is my 6 foot 2 inch ADHD/Aspie WonderSon, Clark Kent, who had recently pulled off a miracle and graduated from high school, but was on a self-imposed, semi-permanent medication break. And it turned out that life on the road was very, very hard, and the closer we got to Clark’s stint, the more worried I became about how helpful his help would be. Because I needed help, a lot of help. Organized, consistent, self-initiated help to get me in and out of TV and radio interviews, speeches, and bookstores, and on to new towns each night, while somehow getting “life” done in between scheduled appearances. Not only that, but during my time with Clark, I was going to be finishing a book that was due to my editor. I needed Super-Sized help during that period.

I confessed to my husband Eric, “I am scared about Clark coming. Does it make me a bad mother that I’m not sure I want him with me on the road?”

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