LEAVING ANNALISE audio improved

First, quickly: Houston friends, the first of my books is on the house if you come out to the Woodlands Barnes and Noble this Sunday November 10th from 2-4 pm. Eric will be with me, and he is usually a bigger draw than me, who are we kidding?

And now on to the exciting stuff…

Been waiting for Leaving Annalise on audio? Well, the wait is over. The audiobook came out TODAY on Audible! Squee! And it’s awesome, thanks to Ashley Ulery. Check it out, y’all, HERE. iTunes and Amazon to follow within a few days.

And that’s not all of the good news. To celebrate the release of the Leaving Annalise audiobook, we’ve marked the ebook down to $2.99 and the paperback (on Amazon) to $9.95. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. And…the Saving Grace ebook is on sale for 99 cents. If you’ve EVER wanted your friends and family to get the chance to check out the books you’ve grown to love, but they’re as cheap as mine 😉 then here’s the chance. To see the discounts, here’s my Amazon page.

Plus, don’t forget there’s now Kindle Matchbook, which allows you to buy ANY  of my Kindle ebooks for 99 cents, if you bought the paperback from Amazon. And Whispersync, which allows you to buy any of the Audible audiobooks for $1.99 if you own the Kindle ebook. You can put a whole media library together on pennies.

OK, I’m taking a breath. This is seriously exciting.

But you know what’s better than cheap? FREE! Don’t forget you can register to win free Katie & Annalise paperbacks on Kate Eileen Shannon’s site, and here we are with the holidays right around the corner. Nothing says, “Ho ho ho” better than books.



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8 Responses to Hell yeah, it’s here!!

  1. You rock like Gaga!

    congrats on ALL of your accomplishments.

    makes me want to get off my ass! xx
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Keep Holding On. Footage of Kay’s Last Days.

    • Pamela says:

      Hey! I met (virtually) a MN writer recently you should check out, Kim. Look for Laurel Osterkamp on Amazon. I read The Holdout, and it was great.

      And thank you 🙂

  2. Eric says:

    You do rock by the way. And I LOVE the audio books. All of them.

    • Pamela says:

      I love them too, although I wish I didn’t have to listen to them. By the time we finish audiobook production (after years of working on the actual books), I’ve had quite enough of me, thank you very much! But that is not the fault of the narrators. We have really been blessed with talent, there.

  3. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…
    …And I know, I know, I know, I know
    I know I want you, want you….

    Sorry. Testing out a more improved, exciting comment. Haw haw. On a serious note, this is SO EXCITING! I love watching you walk in your dream.
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..Glory of Love

  4. Congratulations on your Audio books and all your success. Leaving Annalise audio would be perfect for my Austin trips. Can’t wait:)

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