choc chipsI am not known for my domestic prowess. I mean well, truly I do, and I cook with enthusiasm, if not a zen-like adherence to recipes. I’m a pantser, as in “seat of my,” when it comes to the kitchen.

But 18 months ago, God delivered a reason for me to try a little harder with my cooking: Susanne. If you don’t recall our anaphylaxis terrors with her obscure leaky gut condition, I suggest you read and In the Blink of One Blue Eye, and Anaphylaxis Attacks Us. My daughter’s condition meant our whole household had to change how we ate, in support of her restrictions. That meant we no longer bought processed or chemical-laden food and that we stayed away from processed sugar, yeast, and gluten. To our enormous surprise, we found that this clean eating made all of us feel better.

Gluten-free eating has become quite popular, and there are tons of recipes and ready-made options, but they don’t always meet the other restrictions. This has meant that we shop ultra-carefully, reading every word of labels, and keeping in mind that labels may not list ingredients comprising less than 2% of the food enclosed.

More and more, we’ve turned to recipe adaptations, especially for dessert items. Since Susanne is negatively impacted by too much sugar of ANY kind, but is also intolerant to chemicals, we seek out Stevia or xylitol-sweetened products, or we make them ourselves.

One staple of our kitchen is homemade chocolate chips. We use them in cookies and pancakes and even as snacks. Recently, a food blogger picked up my version of the recipe, and published it on her blog. Ah, the delicious irony that the domestic failure that is me is now featured on a food blog for my own recipe.

Enjoy “Pamela’s sugar free chocolate chips,” HERE. And thank you, Janice D’Agostino.