Saving Grace cover for feedburnerFree.


Saving Grace ebook.

Now available free on Amazon (Kindle)Kobo and Smashwords and Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Apple (iBooks), and Google Play. And everywhere!

No reason not to try it now!

Leaving Annalise and Finding Harmony still available, but you gotta pay or them, folks. 😉

Did you know that an adapted and expanded outtake from Leaving Annalise called The Jumbie House is free too? Pick up your copies online from KoboBarnes and NobleSmashwordsApple iBooksGoogle Play, and many others. Help convince Amazon to carry it free by using the following instructions:

The Jumbie House: Scroll down to Tell Us About Lower Price (right above Reviews, at the bottom of Product Details, and submit the following links as websites offering it for 0.00

Shout it from the rooftops, y’all! (And reviews are always appreciated.)

That’s all I’ve got.



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