It is probably no surprise that we slept most of day two after our 21-hour drive to the Grand Canyon from Houston. We mustered up just enough energy to shuttle to the Canyon, where the sight of it gave us such a jolt of energy and awe that we walked for a few miles along the rim.


We returned in time for our first book event of the tour, which was lovely, outside under the stars at our RV park. Eric suggested I would need two jackets. I brought none. I went back for another, and then another. It was that cool. (Eric was that right.) Then we slept HARD, with the windows open.

For our only day “off” at the Canyon–is any day really a day off when you’re driving a giant billboard?–we had decided to ride our mountain bikes from Tusayan, into the park, and on to Hermit’s Rest, a round-trip of 35-miles. I discounted the woeful shape I am in, as well as the impact of too little sleep and three days of (oh yeah) a clean-gut cleanse.


Well, it was hot, hilly, and long, but absolutely gorgeous. And I felt like a boss when we finished, even if I had stopped us for a record high number of breaks that afternoon. Highlight of the day: seeing an endangered California Condor.

We tucked in that night, enjoying the cool air one more time, ready for our next event and adventure, in Utah.

That’s all I’ve got.


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