Armed with 5-hour energy and an iron will, Eric rolled out from Adelanto, CA at 4:15 a.m. while I snoozed–at his insistence–in the back. His reasoning? I have to look and sound good enough to entertain people at book events. My suspicion? He just can’t help wanting to take care of me, and he is possibly the nicest man ever. Anyway, I slept until 6:00, right when we left the desert and entered the gorgeous Sierra Nevadas.

I sat in my jammies in the passenger seat and tried to get my bearings. I took my morning hormones and ate a Quest bar. We stopped for coffee in Lee Vining at Mono Coffee, a shop overlooking Mono Lake that had been open only four days and was so new they don’t even have a website yet.

We got back in the RV. I noticed my hormones and pills in the drink holder. Thinking I hadn’t taken them, I downed them. I drank my coffee. But instead of getting more awake, I started falling asleep sitting up and slurring my words.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” I told Eric. “You had less sleep than me.”

“Drink the last 5-hour energy. You need to be “up” for your event.”

I did. Thirty minutes later I had perked up enough that I wasn’t drooling, and enough that a few of my brain cells started functioning. I picked up my pill case, which was in my cup holder. Both the morning and evening slots were empty for Saturday. I had taken all my hormones, twice. And those little pink 200 mg progesterone when taken doubly can fell an elephant. Not that I’m an elephant. But suddenly my torpor made sense.

We drove on, reaching Reno early enough to realize that we’d forgotten to fill the water tanks on the Bookmobile, and that our plan to quickly shower was foiled. Luckily, our RV park was sketchy enough that it was only 1/3 full so we were able to check in early and bathe in real showers AND fill up.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that there aren’t many event pictures yet from this book tour. I don’t want to point any fingers, but let’s just say that someone’s good looking roadie has a mental block on photographs. He’s giving Clark Kent a run for his money in yet another way. So trust me when I tell you that the gorgeous Sundance Bookstore (see above picture) enjoyed an afternoon of revelry with our loud and happy crowd. Thanks to friends old and new who came.

Eric thinks this after-the-fact picture of the owners, Dan and Philip, makes up for forgetting to take the others. What do you think?


I think so 🙂

We ate a wonderful crunchy dinner at my new fave, Greatful Gardens, with my childhood friend Lisa and her lovely, accomplished, and good-hearted daughters Katie and Taylor (no pictures of that either). She even brought us a vintage picture:


I’m the blond-headed tyke on the top rail, in Buffalo, Wyoming. That’s my friend Lisa with the dark bob.

Then Eric disassembled the rear lighting system on the Bookmobile in the Advanced Auto Parts parking lot and replaced all our brokey ones, shades of Clark and Leland (our good friend in Arkansas), last summer, only this time it was only 95 degrees, dry, and shady. Clark and Leland did it in 100 degrees of unshaded humidity. Still, Eric did it faster.

We crashed at our RV park, located conveniently across the street from a casino and just down the road from a topless bar and a pub called Filthy McNasty’s. The rig next to us, an ancient camper on a pickup that had seen better days, held three dogs, one of whom it appeared had given up one of his legs. That’s what you call tough times.

It’s on to Crater Lake, OR tomorrow, where we are book chatting for guests at a park vino and cheese party. Beddy-bye time for the tired tourers.

That’s all I’ve got.




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