Dear friends:

What a wonderful launch celebration we had for Going for Kona. It was casual, low-key, and gorgeous weather. Here are some pics:

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Yeah, the Wookie-looking young man in the teddy bear sweater is our beloved and beleaguered Clark Kent. 🙂

Susanne gave us another scare on Friday. We packed up to go to the hospital for admittance per her doctor’s instructions, but then she changed her mind and sent us home for a weekend of pain management, because the hospital wouldn’t do any of the tests she wanted over the weekend, and Susanne would just languish there in purgatory. Actually, Susanne had a great weekend once we got the pain under control, and we’ve made soap and snuggled and cooked and discussed my favorite book of all time, Farmacology, which has given me excitement and a new plan to maintain our family’s health—especially my baby girl’s—once she is past this mystery illness. The doctor’s think it is a vasculitis, and we theorize it was triggered by an abnormal immune response to an evolving palette of food sensitivities, fyi. Anyway, Susanne’s past year in Future Farmers of America has made her much more receptive than I ever would have dreamed she would be of the two overriding concepts I took away from the book: 1) we need to grow our own food in a “biodynamic” farm model when we get to Nowheresville and until then buy from farmers we trust to do the same and 2) we need to find a replacement for the homogenized, pasteurized dairy milk she loves. If you want to know more about why, I highly recommend you read Farmacology.

I wanted to let you know about a few great blog posts on Going for Kona and humbly ask that you visit them, comment on them, and share them through social media. The first is an interview that gives all the “behind the scenes” dirt on the book. Read it HERE:

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Finally, be sure to enter one of three paperback copies in my giveaway, HERE:
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That’s all I’ve got today, but it’s a lot!


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