Nothing says love like promising to make your teenage daughter a t-shirt that says Pin Cushion on the front and Freak Show on the back, does it? Because that’s what I’m going for, for Susanne.


Petey missed Susanne, but he was happy to roll with the windows down to feed the cows with “Dad.”

I wish I could say things had gotten better for her (and us) this week, but this time she ended up admitted to the hospital. And since it turns out that she has an illness normally seen in 6-year old boys, and then only rarely, she was quite a hit with the residents and med students. Samantha has HSP (read about it here), which is rare, even rarer for her age and gender, and rarer yet to involve intususseption (explained at the link). No idea of cause. Virus? Food sensitives? It’s a misfire of the immune system, however it comes about. The illness lasts about six weeks, and she’s endured four. The flare-ups should get less severe each time. It recurs in people her age within four months about 50% of the time (oh joy). The long term issue is kidney health so we’ll do a lot of testing over the next year, but 95% of people recover with no long term impacts, and we like those odds. She tolerated the endoscopy and colonoscopy pretty well, although the post-anesthesia barfies have, I think, dispelled any glamour that hospital procedures had for her.

sleepy in hospital

Tired parents.

hospital bracelets

Matching hospital bracelets.

But since Susanne was stuck with needles roughly 15 times in 24 hours and because there was an endless parade of young doctors and med students through her room palpating her lesions and hanging on every word of her story, we think the t-shirt is in order. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, the awesomeness kept coming from well-wishers, prayer warriors, friends, and even book bloggers. Yes, book bloggers. Because Going for Kona came out a week ago. Check out Miki’s Hope: HERE, comment, share, and help this book blogger spread the word about the book.

Continued prayers for Susanne’s recovery and long term health are greatly appreciated! And that I get some sleep 🙂

That’s all I’ve got.



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3 Responses to Freak Show

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Her attitude was incredibly good through this whole thing. That really has been the most amazing thing to me. she had very few dips and those were completely understandable. I am so relieved she is starting to come out of it.

  2. […] got better, slowly. Read about that HERE and HERE, if you want. She worked with Snoopy. He stayed frisky, learning to jailbreak his pasture […]

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