Yesterday my determined daughter slipped her cowgirl boots over swollen ankles and held her chin up while she showed Emmy and Dixie at the Harris County Fair. Emmy took a first, and Dixie took a 7th. Susanne took ice packs to bed with her. She had a great day, and she’s really coming to understand that the mind is a powerful part of pain. Here’s hoping she gets through HSP quickly. We’re at five weeks 🙁


Great news! Next month our oldest offspring Thomas is moving to Houston. True to our rebounding tradition, it looks like he’ll live with us for a month or two before he gets his own place. We’d just downsized to a 1600-square foot house, so we’ll be snuggly tight with his 6’4″ frame in the same room as Clark Kent’s 6’2″. The more the merrier! He’s upgraded his job situation and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Here’s the sites to visit, comment, and share that are giving the love to Going for Kona, please:

Interview, in which I talk about what I want readers to take away from Going for Kona:

Wonderful review. Well-thought out, well-written, and just all around awesome by Clue Review Book Reviewer Julie:

I’m giving away one signed copy of Going for Kona via Goodreads. Enter here:

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Going for Kona

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That’s all I’ve got.


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4 Responses to On Books and Other Magical Things

  1. 1600 sq ft – that is tiny with two over six-footers in the same room? Yikes!! Good luck with that. Good thing you have those survival skills from living in the Bookmobile!! Ask Dixie “What’s with this 7th? You’re better than that!!” (smile) – here’s hoping S. gets to feeling 100 percent and over this mess.
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..Having Fun

  2. Eric Hutchins says:


  3. […] got better, slowly. Read about that HERE and HERE, if you want. She worked with Snoopy. He stayed frisky, learning to jailbreak his pasture by going […]

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