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Yesterday started great, with a reader (thanks Beabe Thompson!) blogging a review of Going for Kona. But the day ended even better with Going for Kona named a winner in the USA Best Book Awards Contest (Fiction: Cross Genre Finalist)!!


This is Going for Kona‘s first win, and it’s my first win in one of the fiction categories for USA Best Books. Many of you know that I’ve written a lot of nonfiction. One of those books took first in a category (How to Screw Up Your Kids, in Parenting: Divorce), and three others took finalist nods. What we learned is that the categories for nonfiction with USA Best Book Awards are really granular, which limits the numbers of entries, and favors nonfiction for recognition. Which is awesome.

But the contest is open to all published books in a several year span each year, and that means that the relatively few fiction categories receive literally boatloads of entries. I’ve entered my fiction before, but it didn’t win. I’d also learned that what I write doesn’t fit well in any one genre category, so my past entries were doomed to fare less well because they didn’t meet genre rules.

So when I entered Going for Kona in cross-genre, that was a first. I’d tried mystery/thriller before, and romance before. Cross-genere really is the best fit for my writing.

Anyway, I am super excited.

Can you tell?

Plus, it’s in the 30s here in Houston, and today I’m headed east to speak to the Sabine-Neches Writers Guild. It’s going to be chilly and fun!

That’s all I’ve got.


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