We had a fantastic Thanksgiving break, with four of our five kids and their significant others. Besides a gluten-free, chemical-free, processing-free meal (which we didn’t tell them about until we were done eating), we did the Rockets v LA Clippers basketball game, watched our football teams lose (except for Thomas), ate at the Breakfast Klub (like Beyonce and Jay-Z do when they’re in town), enjoyed newborn goats, and went to the zoo (where Susanne drove a cart because of her HSP flare-up, much to the hilarity of herself and Liz).


4 of 5 kids with Eric at Christians Tailgate, where Thomas cheered the Bills to a victory despite Liz and Clark Kent pulling for the Jets.



Susanne laughing and enjoying her cart.

Susanne laughing and enjoying her cart.

Liz and her boyfriend with 1-day old Poppy, Katie's 1st baby (Katie is the goat named after the fictional Katie).

Liz and her boyfriend with 1-day old Poppy, Katie’s 1st baby (Katie is the goat named after the fictional Katie).

One of Penelope's 12-hr old twins, Tulip. The other, Lily, is black with a white star.

One of Penelope’s 12-hr old twins, Tulip. The other, Lily, has black with a white star.

Watching the Clippers clip the Rockets, minus Eric (and Susanne's new beau).

Watching the Clippers clip the Rockets, minus Eric (and Susanne’s new beau).

We missed Marie, and we promise to photoshop her into the pictures. Of course, we didn’t get any pictures with everyone, due to complex schedules of multiple Thanksgiving festivities, so there will be a lot of photoshopping.

Get this: we missed out on Puerto Rico with my parents and brother’s family for a livestock show that got cancelled. Everyone wanted to kill Susanne for it. She also had another surprise for us. On Wednesday she asked to go to Thanksgiving with her new beau, one whose existence we knew nothing of. Turns out he is the son of college friends I haven’t talked to since 1989. He came for Thanksgiving dessert and seems like a nice young man.

The best part of Thanksgiving besides spending it with our family? Eric made me a “Blessings” book for each of us to write our lists in each day of all the small gifts in our life that we want to focus on instead of overlook. What a guy 🙂

In book news:

  • Going for Kona review: book-review-going-for-kona-by-pamela-fagan-hutchins
  • Slow progress on the Heaven to Betsy rewrite
  • And the audiobook for Going for Kona is DONE and will be available online in time for Christmas (and all other winter holidays!)

I hope your Thanksgiving was as blessed as mine.

That’s all I’ve got.


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6 Responses to Small World Shenanigans

  1. Eric says:

    We have a lot to be Thankful for!

  2. Heidi M says:

    All good stuff, P! Here’s to December!
    Heidi 🙂

  3. Made me smile, as usual! We spent T-giving on the balcony looking at the ocean. Was wonderful! Alpha Son/wife joined us and it was relaxing. We were all thankful there were no dishes to wash this year. I can put on a spread but the dishes… they do pile up! I am also thankful for wonderful people like you and Eric.
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..Joined At the Hips

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