Can I get a big yee ha, or maybe a yah mon? This has been one fantabulous week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.08.04 AM

On the author side . . . Heaven to Betsy WON the 2015 USA Best Book Award for Cross Genre Fiction. Squeeeee! And a woman approached me in a restaurant when someone told her who I was to let me know she’d read ALL of my books. (This was in front of my adult kids, so maybe they now thing this writing gig is worth something) And finally, the Earth to Emily audio book was released.


On the speaker side . . . I keynoted the TAHCR Fall Conference in San Antonio delivering my wildly inappropriate and oh-so-much-fun “Colonel Mustard in the Conference Room with his Pants Down,” to an enthusiastic reception which included an on-the-spot booking for a spring keynote at a different conference. And roughly 10% of the people there had read my books before they knew I was keynoting. Lastly, Wyoming Writers booked me to speak at the annual conference in June.

12182705_10206806839462650_6516358532415553342_o-2 12191236_10153272880148233_8289080209570801883_o 12183716_10153274540278233_7855553049998952952_o 12194647_10153277014958233_7110421840232215233_o12248034_10153280197863233_5173805924710424184_oOn the personal side . . . our five kids and their significant others, my parents, and Eric’s mom visited and went to the (dismal, cold, but fun) Texas A&M football game with us. The house was packed, much to the delight of our dogs. I snuck a visit in to my grandmother while I was in San Antonio. Eric was able to take his mother to the painted churches of the Navidad Valley, which she LOVED. And we closed on our S/Nowhersville house in northeastern Wyoming.

Pinch me.

That’s all I’ve got.


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