Congratulations to

Barb Ellen

on winning Ava’s triskelion “goddess” pendants by Anita Schultz Jewelweed Sprouts. I hope you love them like I love mine. I wear mine when I’m writing the Ava books, so I have it on a lot these days as I rewrite Ava’s 2nd star turn, in Stunner. I hope you wear yours while reading Bombshell. For those of you that didn’t win, you can write to Anita and ask for your own triskelion pendant, and I know she’ll make one for you. anita at jewelweed sprouts dot com.

US readers, please vote for my WDKY mystery Fighting for Anna in the Silver Falchion Readers Choice Award, please, HERE? You can also vote for my former critique partner Gay Yellen and her wonderful suspense novel, The Body Next Door. (Easy, no registration required, you can vote once every 24 hours)

Well, it’s taken six months of hell for my assistant, but my novels are now all available in hardback:

The links are all on the book pages, which you can access here:

I’ve got a busy August—as much or more than I can handle—of personal and professional obligations. Judging a writing contest, rewriting Stunner, preparing for my role at Killer Nashville (panels and keynote), and the myriad other smaller items on my to-do list. Meanwhile I’ve battled a bout of giardia (must have gotten sloppy on water treatments on the camping trip!) My blog posts may be a little less stunning as a result, but hang in there with me.

I appreciate the heck out of you guys!

p.s. A little more Horse-camping trip awesomeness:

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5 Responses to Keeping My Head Above Water

  1. Gay Yellen says:

    Many thanks for including me in this post, Pamela. You are the best!

  2. Eric says:

    You have had such a lot of great news and great things happening for you. (Aside from being bring sick, yuck). Go Pamela go!

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