Bad hair, good company, at the end of PK Lane where the Soldier Creek Trail up to Walker Prairie in the Bighorns starts. We found it by getting lost. Now that we know where it is, we’ll hike or ride it horseback.

It’s crunch time.

  1. Prepping the cabin for its first paid visitors, who are coming to view the 96.4% eclipse from our deck.
  2. Finishing Stunner.
  3. Getting my keynote ready for Killer Nashville.

And…helping Eric up after a pretty good tumble from his 17-hand Feathers. Luckily, Eric chose the dismount himself, so he landed on his side instead of his tush or head. Unluckily, it was in our rock driveway, so he has some serious road rash and bruising. I think he learned a lot, though, and within five minutes was back on bareback and understanding that Feathers did exactly what Eric asked him to do (accidentally), which was take off at a canter. So we practiced not squeezing with our feet or kicking, and the rest of the ride went smooth as silk, even if the two-mile walk home from the ranch where we board them was less fun with his boo-boos.

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We found a small ranch we desperately wanted to buy on the face of the mountains, but it sold out from under us. Then we realized we have no business buying a small ranch in Wyoming, when we spend half our year in Texas, no matter how much I want to start a draft horse rescue/rehab, and no matter that we saw three porcupines on the way to go see it (that’s some kind of good omen, I think, like seeing dolphins). Someday. Phew. Dodged that bullet.

Have a great week, all’a’y’all,

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