Well, I can’t remember the last time I asked for an extension on any project, but I asked for a month on Stunner. I was cruising along pretty good until Killer Nashville (positive reason) and Hurricane Harvey (negative reason). Once I got off track, I was susceptible to the temptation of not picking it up through the visit of our middle child and her fiancee, and now through spending time with my parents. That will leave me two weeks to get it done before I jet off to the Novelists, Inc. conference in Florida.

Pray for me 🙂 and for Stunner.

Meanwhile, I’ve made lots of good notes, and I’ll get back to it full-time around September 15…maybe in fits and starts before then.

So all I really have to report this week is that we’re having fun, that the smoke from the Montana fires is horrible, and that we have the coolest adult children in the world. Pictures below.

Pics and video from our daughter’s visit with her fiance:

Who wouldn’t want a son-in-law who looks at your daughter like this?

Whoops. Someone forgot to tell me this wasn’t the silly pic.

Gorgeous couple in the gorgeous Crazy Woman Canyon.

A river (Big Goose Creek) runs though it.

Duncan Lake determination.

Miner’s cabin near Coffeen Park.

Ah, the Wilderness!

Small but a beauty.

Like father like daughter.

Feathers was a big hit! (video above–notice how much dust Feathers kicks up!)

Both of them had a lesson Feathers.

Molly also took our “dudes” out, and she did great (so did they!). Honestly, though, isn’t Katniss beautiful in this picture?????

May be my favorite picture of the weekend.

Through the smoky haze you can see our breakfast visitors.

Tiny woman, big horse <3

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2 Responses to Spanner in the Stunner Works

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Wow the pictures are awesome. we have had such a great time these last weeks (aside from worrying about friends and Family in Houston St Croix and Miami) that it is going to really be tough to get going on Stunner again. It is a shame because I think you had just really hit your stride on that book. However, I know that you will pick it back up again and crush it, that is what makes you special.

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