I’m back to work on Stunner, y’all, and the first big day on it was H-A-R-D, but I am finding my groove. I jammed to the Ava playlist with my headphones while grinding away on the second draft at the GORGEOUS Johnson County Library. If I can get some help on dialogue with characters from the UK, I’ll finish and turn this in on-time. At least the “extended version” of on-time, since I asked for an extra month.

I got a hug from awesome librarian Cynthia Twing while I was there and was pleased to see several of my novels checked out 🙂

I enjoyed two days of talking to the seniors of Buffalo High School about following their dreams this week. They seemed to like my story about the woman at Killer Nashville who said, “Well, you aren’t afraid to take a fashion risk, are you?” especially because I wore the same wildly colorful outfit. They were a great group!

News: we put Snowheresville on the market because we are in the process of buying Snowheresville the Second with my parents! So if you know someone who’d like to own the sweetest little cabin on the eastern slope of the Bighorns in Wyoming, with 360 degree views, great neighbors, and amazing peace and tranquility, send them HERE. In the meantime, the new Snowheresville is a B&B, so watch for date announcements soon for writer, reader/book club, and artist retreats <3 <3 <3 (And we’ll have room for all our family to visit now. Yay!!)

Doesn’t it look like a great place to write mysteries????

The all-important first new-house selfie!

TRULY a SNOWheresville!

We’re also selling our darling and beloved Bookmobile, since it makes no sense to deprive it of new adventures when we have living quarters in our horse trailer and now own a big B&B. Want it? Check it out, HERE.

p.s. We beat the snow to have one last good time at Hunter Corrals in the Bighorn Mountains!

Louise survived getting stepped on by Katniss, but she’s on the IR list.

Molly and Reno survived Katniss’ insistence on space for her awesomeness. #LeadMareDisease

Buffalo Park. Note George the Belgian Malinois on Reno’s right side. Guess she didn’t want to get stepped on by Katniss, too!

Like mother, like daughter (flanneling).

Leaves changing!


DOWNHILL. #bighornmountains #huntercorrals #snowheresville #wyoming #draftcross #katniss

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#TeamPetey helping make the hot dogs.

Big Feath threw a show and his hoof DISINTEGRATED. We walked him down, then made an emergency farrier visit, and he is now fine.

The Ant Hill in the distance. That Reno is a keeper (Dad’s new horse).

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8 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. ChrisLS says:

    Big Windy Wyoming, such beautiful but brutal country! Glad to see you enjoying the state’s charms, including horses. Horses and cattle are integral to Wyoming. I come from a long line of Danish Dairymen, and my grandfather, uncle and cousins had cattle ranches there outside of Laramie. I was never was raised on a ranch, but Dad’s tales were the best! Enjoy!

  2. Eric Hutchins says:

    Its a good thing we are not very busy! It was great that you had a chance to go to the School and talk to the student. I would have loved to have seen it.

  3. Nan says:

    Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ your new B&B. It fits you!!! And it does look like a wonderful place to keep walking (writing) in your dreams!!!! Yay!

    • Pamela says:

      I cannot wait! We’ve been getting lessons on how to power and heat the place. Off the grid, baby!

      • Nan says:

        That’s what we’re working on, too – getting as far off the grid as we can! I think it is a great idea. And wood heat is so lusciously WARM. My other house had it for years before we switched out to a heat pump. There is nothing quite as warm as wood heat – and while it is work, it is such a great way to cozy up!

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