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A lot has happened since I checked in with you guys. First and foremost, we moved into our new Snowheresville, WY cabin as I mentioned a few weeks ago. Secondly, my mind was blown at my first Novelists, Inc. conference. Third, we moved back to Nowheresville, TX. And finally, we had a flurry of rental requests, so I put our two unrented houses up on Air BnB, and BAM Snowheresville rented out for October, November, December, and into January! It is that super cool, and we’re getting a ton of early requests for summer dates, which we’ll be very, very selective on, as most of the summer we’ll live there. In that spirit, though, I’m sharing it with you here:




And because Nowheresville rented out for Thanksgiving and all last summer, we decided, WHAT THE HECK, let’s offer it “officially,” too. Again, dates are selective, but it is available for the Round Top fall antique show, and has four bedrooms and an office that converts to a fifth. What a fantastic girls trip. Antiques, Junk Gypsy Prom, Truth BBQ. Our donkeys and goats 🙂 Great for a writers retreat too.

BIG NEWS! Our first Snowheresville, WY facilitated writers retreat will be August 5-11, 2018. It will include “free” writing/inspiration time, structured coaching/critique/instructional time, and lots of support and community with the other attendees. Click HERE to claim your spot and for more information. (Readers or Artists, if you’d like to see us book a retreat for YOU, email me. I could maybe talked into August 19-25.)

On the writing front, I’m sending Stunner (Ava #2) off for copyedit this week, and Eric and I brainstormed Knockout (Ava #3), which I’ll start on Wednesday. I have an ambitious writing schedule, as I plan to digitally record and transcribe the first draft of Knockout in November, and do the same for Searching for Dime Box (Michele #3) in December. Cross your fingers as Saving Grace is being shopped to Hallmark as part of a package of movies by a producer under contract with them. We should know in the next few months. <3


I am so excited for adventures in store in 2018, not just with my renewed career plan for my writing after Novelists, Inc., but with two of our five kids getting married, time with the horses and other animals, and just the joy of being married to the world’s greatest guy.

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4 Responses to This is kind of crazy.

  1. Lots of good stuff, P! Congrats!
    xo H

  2. Nan says:

    This is such an exciting time – one I’m pretty sure you never anticipated! The best is yet to come, too. I love how it just keeps getting better and better. One of the author’s I read had her novel turned into a Christmas movie – alas, it was out the 28th and our DirecTv is still turned off (sad face). I’m sure it will play again (fingers crossed). I fully expect to see yours on there because Saving Grace would make an AWESOME film!!

    I didn’t know you were married to Leland – I’ll have to get on him about that… oh… you meant ERIC!! (HA!) – Yes, he is a pretty amazing guy, too.

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