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I’m going to be asking you a series of questions over the next few weeks that will help me get to know you better as readers. By knowing you better, I can post what you are most interested in, so I really appreciate your responses. I won’t know who has replied unless you tell me, so be sure to shoot me an email or comment below if you’d like me to know you are participating.

Hint: I have some ideas about cool things to do for those of you that are most enthusiastic about my books and want to be involved in early reads, exclusive discounts, and spreading the word about the What Doesn’t Kill You world.

Your first question is below my signature, and it’s a poll (easy!). If you’re reading this in your email, you may have to pop out to the website to participate by clicking on the title of this post, above. I’m not sure 🙂 because I’ve never included a poll before, but we’ll know after this first time, won’t we?

This week, please consider the Katie & Emily Box Set ebook gift certificates from Apple or Kobo as holiday gifts. Apps to read from either store are free (and people who have Apple products automatically have the apps for Apple iBooks). This mega box set of all six full-length romantic mysteries is also the easiest and most piggy-bank friendly way for you to binge read the novels and catch up.

And in the meantime, won’t you please join the Thunderclap joint social media promotion for the box set? Since 50% of readers choose books based on recommendations, and 30% find their recommendations on social media, you’ll be helping other people find my books. You can join it by clicking below.

Thanks for being awesome and subscribing, you guys!

p.s. Be first to hear about new book releases, 1-2 times a year (don't worry, I won't use your email for anything else)! <-- click here

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10 Responses to What do you want from me?

  1. Jay Moeller says:

    My mantra is “so many books, so little time “. If only you were the only author in the world Pamela, I’d have read all of your books. I love your characters and their stories. Unfortunately just as I found you thru my e reader, I found a plethora of indie authors all giving freebies and encouraging me to read their books. Since this amazing discovery I have found some really good books to read that I never would have discovered without my Nook and Kindle. I just want you to know that the most exciting find, the one that knocked it out of the park for me was your Katie series. I know, I’ve told you this before but I don’t mind harping on this with you now and again since they made an impact on me like my first kiss which I received and shared with my next door neighbor Pamela (really) when I was about 6. The moment I never forgot that’s what the Katie series gave to me. Thank you for it. I can’t thank my Pamela because she died of a drug overdose 50 years ago. Life goes on and you make mine a lot more fun.
    Best regards
    Jay Moeller

    • Pamela says:

      Ah, Jay, that is very cool all the way around, except for the next door neighbor dying so young. I can’t keep up with all the books I want to read either 🙂

      If you haven’t read the Emily novels yet and want to, they go on sale as a box set in a week, 99 cents for 3. So hold out for a few more days, and you’ll get the Bookbub price!

  2. Linda Ackelson says:

    I found out about your books from a friend and can’t get enough of them!! I’m going to order How to screw up a marriage and How to Screw up your Kids as soon as I finish this!

  3. Lynne Brigman says:

    I love the books of yours that I have read I am looking forward to reading Finding Harmony. I went to finish Kitie’s story. I already have it I just haven’t read it yet. Thank you for your amazing talent. Keep the books comming.

  4. Bonnie Smith says:

    Hi, Pamela, like a lot of readers, I found and fell in love with your characters when I replied to an email with a lot of different authors just to try their books. I love, love, love your Heavens to Betsy series, but have tried several other of your good books, too. Now I have to try the How to Screw Up series. Have asked for Amazon gift cards for Christmas so looking g forward to those and more of your books. I’m not really a fan of to many romantic mysteries, but like Evanovich books, yours make me laugh and I can’t put one down when I start reading it. Blessings and Happy Holidays, as well as a joyous snd successful 2028.

    • Pamela says:

      Bonnie! What a nice email. I’ll let you in on a secret. We just took all my nonfiction ebooks off sale, and made them exclusive to my website (for sales). You can still get paperbacks and audio of the nonfiction on Amazon, and they are at great prices. Thank you so much for reading and for your nice comment. A joyous and successful 2008 to you as well!

  5. Linda D. says:

    I love your books! Unfortunately, in addition to receiving over 200 emails a day I read your books on my cell phone. This “blessed” thing overheats constantly which keeps me from reading more. I’ve had it repaired once & have to send it back to the company. I wish I had more money & time to read more of your books 😉

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