The Kitty Katniss gives me a reason to get outside and give my creativity and spirit time to rebound.

So January is my month—my ONE month—to take the lump of coal draft of Knockout and try to polish it into the diamond I want so badly for it to become. My timeline is super tight, so the pressure is on. I took off January 1 to celebrate our anniversary with Eric. That reduced my timeline from 31 days to 30. Then on January 2nd I decided to work everything else off my to do list. To clear the decks, so to speak, so that nothing can mess with my concentration. Then on January 3rd I succumbed to the lure of a snowmobile ride up to our summertime favorite campsite, Woodchuck Pass, in the Bighorn Mountains. Lord help me, I’d just lost 10% of my revision time!!!

Then I have to turn around and do the same thing with the hot frickin mess that is the first draft of Searching for Dime Box, in February and March.

Trust me when I say I need all the time I can get to polish Knockout and Searching for Dime Box

My nerves are jangly, my gut is taut (and not from ab work), and I could really use some positive mojo. For that reason, I’ll be scarce on the blog until I finish Knockout and Searching for Dime Box and can hand them over to my content editor and beta readers.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…I’ll pop up from time to time (like with a February poll)…until I have to repeat this process for the Maggie novels…I’m longing for summer like you cannot believe, when some of this pressure lets up.

But before we part, here’s the January survey results (thank you!!):

Where did you find my books?

  1. BookBub
  2. Booksweeps
  3. Retailer recommendations
  4. Facebook
  5. Goodreads
  6. Blogs and reviews
  7. PFH networking
  8. Personal recommendations

Where do you get my books?

  1. Amazon
  2. Freebie (multiple sources)
  3. Apple
  4. Audio
  5. (Nook); Kobo
  6. Google Play, gift, chain, indie store, direct buy from me, secondhand

Be well, my friends.

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