Did you know all Pamela’s romantic mysteries are part of one giant series called What Doesn’t Kill You? Yes! She moves around between female protagonists in a world of butt-kicking friends leading from Katie to Emily to Michele, and, coming soon, to Ava and to Maggie and Laura. So keep up with the What Doesn’t Kill You gang (books are numbered in chronological order) when you’ve finished the Katie books, and follow Pamela to learn when each new one comes out.



Fighting for Anna (What Doesn’t Kill You, #8): A Michele Romantic Mystery

Author Michele Lopez Hanson retreats to the country while her teens are away for the summer, to write the memoirs of her elderly neighbor Gidget—a reclusive former Houston art gallery owner—and learn how to be alone in the wake of her husband’s death. But when Gidget dies unexpectedly, she leaves everything to Michele except a bequest to a daughter no one knew existed. Suddenly, Michele’s country quiet is shattered, and half of Texas shows up: some to help, some to contest the will, and others to make sure the mystery daughter is never found alive.

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    In honor of the upcoming release of Bombshell, Ava’s first leading role in one of my novels, I’m going to take us down memory lane, week by week. This week’s stop? The story behind the story of the prequel to the What Doesn’t Kill You series, and the first age at which we meet the delectable Ms. Ava. Before we [... […]

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