Taking time to smell the flowers in my VFFs.

I love statistics.  For instance, did you know that the more ice cream that is sold, the higher the murder rate in a city?  Does this mean murderers like ice cream?  That ice cream causes murders?  Or just that both occur more in warm weather months?  Hmmmmm.  Be careful how you link your stats.

So consider the article linking up stats, here: The Barefoot Running Injury Epidemic? The author posits that people who switch to “barefoot” or VFF running sustain more injuries.  Read the whole article and you’ll see that it’s hard to draw this conclusion in the first place.  But also consider all the information not included in the article:

  • Barefoot running is dependent on completely changing FORM
  • Running barefoot with the same form used with high wedge/high structure running shoes is a recipe for disaster
  • Runners are advised to switch over to barefoot running gradually to build the under-developed support muscles in the feet, ankle and calves that will be called to action with the new running form

I developed plantar’s fasciitis while running in highly structured “modern” Adistar running shoes. I did not run for eight months while letting it heal.  I have tried numerous therapies and exercises, and I will tell you what has worked for me, although I believe it is very individualistic:

  • Rest
  • Stretching
  • Boot/Sock
  • Taping
  • Changing my form and taking up VFF Running — shifting my weight forward onto my toes and NEVER NEVER NEVER letting my heels touch the ground

I found the two orthopedists I visited 95% worthless, except for diagnosis.

I love statistics; they are entertaining.  But I love using my own brain even more.  And I’d love to hear your runner’s injury stories, and what has worked for you.

Happy trails!


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