It's just me.

I’ll reward your loyal following today by the gift of two words:  Thank You.  July was a record-setting month for Road to Joy, by a large margin.  The timing is perfect.  Three agents are currently reviewing (on a non-exclusive basis) Leaving Annalise.  I expect to hear back from all three — yea or nay — by the end of August.  If one of them gives a “yea,” then the blog traffic becomes very important.  I need AMAZING numbers in August.

Email subscribers: I am asking that rather than just read the emails as they come in to you this month, that you occasionally click the links and respond to the email with comments.  Every click counts!

The rest of you: you already clicked to get here, don’t stop now 🙂

We’ll start the month right with a mid-week blog that I feel sure you will love: The Adventures of Bubba-Mon and the Quacker in Shangri-La Near Nowheresville, Texas (title subject to change, even after I click “publish”).  It features a guest appearance by Clark, the ADHD wonder kid, as well as Cowboy, the freakishly large lab.

Today, I encourage you to check out the most popular links from the last month:

Turn the Page (humorous/serious – showing up and letting go – reunions)

Take your head out of the sand — it COULD BE YOU (serious: sexual abuse of children)

Getting Our Groooove On (about couplehood and togetherness)

Leaving Annaly (Houston v. St. Croix?)

You Might Be a (Closet) Redneck… (captioned pictures)

Tan Lines (humor: tushes and tan lines)

That Boy is My Heart (serious: Clark, ADHD, and middle school)

“See you” later this week,


p.s. I wrote the first two chapters of Conceding Grace this weekend.  My internal momentum is building back up!