Bubba-Mon and I went rednecking at the tractor pull in Nowheresville, TX last night.  This is what you call high class entertainment.  Makes me wish I hadn’t tossed my old “Party Naked!” t-shirt that I got during spring break in college, because that would have fit right in.

Here are some videos and pics:

1.  Listen to the end as we compare this pull to one of our children.


Take a closer look at the people-watching opportunities.  You might even want to play it again…and again…and again.

2.  Commentary at the end on “Oso Negro”:


Oso Negro flung mud on us from 25 yards away.  And it vibrated in my chest like it was giving me a heart attack. And a giant cricket landed on Eric’s shoulder and crawled up his neck during the pull.  Oso Negro’s pull was an “all five senses” experience!

3. Bubba-mon had never been to a tractor pull.  He thought about entering our 2000 Suburban in the local pull category.  I talked him out of it; the competition is fierce, y’all.  But I think this night was a life-changing event for him.  Here’s a picture of the diesel truck division.  Bubba-mon liked the monster tractors best.  He’s a wannabe redneck, but all that exhaust brought out the  tree-hugger in him:

Some of the monster tractors ran on jet fuel (helicopter engines). The diesel smelled worst and dumped a black cloud on us. I think I have lung cancer to go with my permanent hearing loss. Awesome!

4.  They say rednecking can lead to redneckedness, but I’m not going there, I promise.  Except I did receive one subliminal message during the evening which I though was pretty freaky:

The phrase that may or may not appear on the back of Bubba-mon's skivvies...

All in all, Bubba-Mon and I thought this was purt’ near the perfect date night. He worked on his accent and got a lot better.  Growing up in the islands, he used to say “ah-‘ight” and he’s learned the proper way to say it now is “ahlllllllraaaaaaaaattttttt”.  I’m so proud of him.

See y’all soon,


p.s. If you take pictures on your iPhone at the tractor pull and text them to your friends, you might be a redneck…and you’d be just like half the stadium, because everyone and their grandmother had one.

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