Who knew?  All this time (15 years), and who knew?
It turns out that one of the most effective strategies to focus the ADHD brain, at least in our house, is to physically exhaust the body.  Add exhaustion of the mind to that, and you’re really rocking.
Clark the ADHD Wonder Kid, our human guinea pig, has just wrapped up 13-hour days at Bellaire High where the football team practiced three times a day.  In the 107-degree-heat-indexed-August days of Houston.  Yikes.

Our big, tired, happy ADHD boy is not showing many signs of ADHD this week. Shown here with his beautiful older sister on the 1st day of school.

Between their three 1.5-hour practices each day, the boys were in lock-down.  They spent most of this time time in brainwash-mode: lectures, films, plays, conduct, rules and even teamwork/bonding activities (of course they didn’t call them that to teenage boys!).
He stumbled home physically and mentally spent on day one.  But instead of behaving like a zoned-out zombie, he was simply . . . calm.
Not buzzing and zipping around.
Capable.  Helpful.  Conversational.  Thoughtful. Thinking about the next day.
HOLY CRAP.  HE WAS PLANNING.  HE PACKED A BAG. (Not very well, but baby steps, People!)
He kept up this regimen for six days, then the team slipped back to two-a-days in week two.  Sure, he got sick from exhaustion, but that’s what Vitamin C is for, right?  The important thing was he was so much less of all the things he normally is that we almost didn’t know him.  Woo hoo!  Kidding.  Mostly.
Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this was all it took?  If you knew this and withheld it from me, I’m coming after you.  Watch your back.
So on to the first day of school:  he left the house at 6:45 a.m. and returned at 7:30 p.m.  He only practiced football  for two hours instead of five, but his mental workout was tougher.  Result?  He finished his homework , he helped clean up after dinner, and he sang (to the annoyance of all of the rest of us) as he watched Monday Night Football.
Color me optimistic about 10th grade,
p.s. The “thing” he was most of all?  Happy.  🙂
p.p.s. OMG, what will we do when football season is over?!?

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