For all you non-believers out there, check out the email that Eric the animal killer sent to our CHILDREN about our beautiful family cat, Juliet.  Here’s her picture in (slightly) better days:

Foreshadowing? Notice Eric’s hands around her throat.

Here’s Eric’s email:

—–Original Message—–
From: trimon29 (Eric)
To: Susanne
Cc: Clark;  Pamela; Liz
Sent: Fri, Sep 3, 2010 1:04 pm
Subject: Ju Ju

Check out this picture of juu juu

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Attached was a picture of a white cat on the side of the road. Formerly living. 

We all kid around about what a pain Juliet is, but we never really mean it. The rest of us love our pets, especially Susanne, and he sent it directly to her. This is a tragedy. I hope that someday they can forgive Eric (and Suz forgives me for marrying Eric). Or at least that they don’t sock us with the bill for therapy.  Or turn out just like him.


p.s. Someone call CPS…and the SPCA.

p.p.s. Oops, someone just came to see me. False alarm.