And now, a demonstration of why I write prose rather than poetry: Odes to my family, in limerick style.  I framed these for them last Christmas.  They were not impressed.

That's Farrah on the left.

1. Liz “Bean”: High school swimming teenager with more clothes, shoes, makeup and hair straighteners than the rest of us put together.

There once was a girl from Bellaire

Who daily did straighten her hair

A fast swimming teen

A Facebooking Bean

She can never decide what to wear

2. Clark: High school debate & robotics, Dallas Cowboys biggest fan, you know him from the ADHD-world in the Clark Kent Chronicles.  I wrote such amazing limericks on Clark, I couldn’t limit this post to just one.

Number One:

There lives here a boy named Clark

He treats school much like a lark

If he ever gets through

What he’s started to do

We are sure he will leave quite a mark

Number Two:

A dramatic and unruffled soul

A haircut a lot like a bowl

Witten’s best fan

Homework not in his plan

To be a big dork is his goal

3. Suz: Middler schooler whose hygiene habits indicate she is not yet interested in boys .  Loves dogs, swimming, and disagreeing.

Amanda Susanne is her name

Contrariness is her main game

She’s strong and she’s tall

She likes dogs best of all

But her showering skills are quite lame

4. Eric:  My long-suffering island-boy-turned-Texas-redneck-wannabe triathlete husband.

There once was a man from St. Croix

With a fanny as fine as a boy’s

I may give him heck

But I love his red neck

He inspires the name Road to Joy

You’re welcome for the awesomeness.  Please, share some of your own in the comments. And don’t make me pull y’all for inappropriate content.  The cyber police are out there.


p.s. I’m working on a book this week.   Saving my prose for Going for Kona.  Only so much of the good stuff to go around.