iPhone and I pictured together, in happier days.

Latest skirmishes in iPhone v. Pamela:

Eric was in India, and he was feeling out of shape because he has not been able train much since the end of June, and none at all in the last three weeks.  So, he texts me about a work success he had, and I typed, “Woo HOOOO!”  iPhone sent him, “Woo HIPPO!”

I was a judge in a debate tournament recently.  The debate judging freaked me out a little, because I had never competed in Cross Examination and was afraid I’d have to judge it.  After getting my assignment for round one,  I texted Eric, “I’m doing PROSE, awesome, that’s what I did in high school, so easy.”  iPhone sent, “I’m doing ORGIES, awesome, that’s what I did in high school, so easy.”

Previous saboteur texts from iPhone to Eric:  Say My Name, Say My Name.

I really need to get a Droid.

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