There’s an old flame burning in your eyes.

I'm happiest when my husband looks at me this way.

So how have YOUR last three weeks been?  I’m hearing from a lot of people whose last three weeks have been pretty amazing.  And I’d love to hear from you, too.  Please email me at  See blog list, below.

My husband is snoozing beside me while I type this, and you know how sometimes you can look at the sleeping face of your beloved, and you feel like your heart could just burst?  Well, yeah, that’s how I feel.  I’m pretty lucky.  I love spending 30 days reminding each other of this feeling.  We are having a blast.

Instead of wowing you with words this week, I thought I’d show you what it looks like. You know what I mean, that flame that leaps out of your partner’s eyes, and just burns “I love you MADLY” into your heart?  Do you still look at each other that way?  Maybe it would be fun to light that old flame up in your eyes, and see how it would make your love feel, to have you look at him/her that way again.


I see the flame in our eyes in these pictures.  And I see it when we look at each other, still. One way we up the intimacy from time to time is to look at these pictures together, again, and relive our best memories.  We did it this week.  And that old flame definitely burned.

Y’all post some burning flame pictures on your blogs this week and send me the links.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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  1. You were (and are) a beautiful bride with a mega handsome hubby! My fave pix is the one where you’re holding onto his belt loop. Then all the rest of them! You guys – amazing!

    1. This photographer did a great job of capturing tiny little things that we loved. He tried to get us to go snorkeling in our wedding togs, but Eric was too sick. He had the flu on our wedding day. He was able to speak long enough to say our vows. Sure looks great for a sick guy.

      I have honestly pulled these out before when I got frustrated with him/us, and it helps to consciously recall that you TREASURE this person, and you promised to give your best. And sometimes, when we are doing great, it is awesome just to re-enjoy them 🙂

      Thanks, Nan.

  2. It was such and amazing day. The pictures in that slideshow do a really great job capturing it. Every part of how it came together was amazing down to the fact that I was horribly sick but for a period of about 4 hours, I did not feel any of that. Like I was granted a little time.

    I love the picture of Pamela approaching from out of the hotel room. Incredibly graceful and beautiful.

    I can imagine that for most people, looking at someone else’s wedding photos is like going to the dentist so I don’t expect most people will have the patience for looking at that slide show but, for us it has such incredible feeling, meaning.

    1. Yeah, as great as we think they are, my point wasn’t to make people suffer through them, but to remind everyone to pull their own out, and consciously re-enter that state of mind, where your eyes gleam and you are thanking God for the person standing next to you. CONSCIOUSLY re-enter that zone. It makes a difference on the bad days, and it makes the good days even better. I look at special pictures of us all the time because they’re framed, but they become wallpaper. It is much different when I sit down with an intention to remember what you mean to me. And then to walk away from that experience SHOWING it.

  3. Well, you guys, I intentionally watched your entire 8+ minutes because (1) it captured me from the very beginning, and (2) I have 1 wedding picture. It was just my mom, dad, Josh, leland, preacher/wife (his parents are dead). But you know what? Watching your joy reminded me of ours – our evening – the laughter – my straightlaced mom renting us a motel room with a mirror on the ceiling and a hot tub in the room – the *woo hippy* fun we had – the crazy weekend memories of black & white sci fi movies (I will never look at Adrienne Barbeau & her cleavage without remembering Swamp Thing on my honeymoon!

    So yeah, I enjoyed your beautiful pictures very much AND the memories!

  4. Watched the whole thing! I’d watch it again, too! Great pics! Sadly, we don’t have any pics to go back at …got married at the JP since it was a second marriage for us both. I do wish we had made it a more special occasion so we would have pictures. Maybe some day we’ll have a do-over when we look even older than we do now. ha ha

    Enjoyed the pics, and always enjoy your stories! (I also love that Eric always chimes in! You two are just too cute!)

    1. We considered the JP type of thing, and I am so glad Eric prevailed. He wanted to make it special and create a memory. I would have married him on the side of the road if he thought that was the way to go. But he was right. We really treasure these memories.

  5. You all inspire me. Love lives in our souls and burns through the window of it! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes!! It really does.
      Last night we talked about the concept of Polarity — ions that attract each other if they orbit close enough, and then get closer and closer and eventually bind together. That was us, that is us. We met ten years ago. I keep thinking we can’t get any closer, that it can’t get any better, that this is surely the best that it can be, and it isn’t. It just keeps getting better and better between and with us.
      I wish the world this kind of love, everyone. But I don’t really believe most people find it. Or that some would want it if they did. It’s all consuming, overwhelming, overpowering, and the most wonderful thing that exists.

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