If this were just an alligator and a woman, it'd be perfect.

Today can bite me; thank God it is nearly over.  Well, technically it ended nearly an hour ago, but it isn’t over over, because I’m stretching it past the witching hour tonight.

What, you may ask, is my big frickin’ problem? Well, we have a 3/5 rule regarding our kids. At any given time, three of the five, regardless of age, will implode, and two will impersonate angels.  On rare occasions we’ll luck out and enjoy a short 2/5 period.  Less rare but still infrequently, we suffer through a 4/5.  We’ve never had to endure a 5/5.

Today was a 4/5 day.  Eric flew to Tampa at the request of his oldest , so I am solo with 2 of the 3 remaining miscreants.  A side effect of 4/5 days is that our rosy outlooks usually crumble under the onslaught.  Today was no exception.  So if you count Eric and I falling apart, we’re really have a 6/7 day.  *Holy crapoly*

The day started out super fine, for me (and it is all about me).  I made a friend IRL. My new laptop rocks.  I finished the Annalise rewrites.  I landed a big new project which means $$$ but I only have to manage the work, not perform it.  MY FAVORITE KIND!  I knew I was on shakey turf, though, because of the implosion of Eric’s kids, and, yep, here we are at midnight, and I was annoyingly right, like always.

For those of you that have secretly hated me for having a nearly perfect life, I have tried to tell you that appearances can be deceiving, but nobody ever listens to me.  Trust me, if I wrote this blog anonymously, the stories I would tell about our family would have you gloating and chortling.  “Their kids are way worse than ours!”  “She never gets out of her pajamas, even to shower!”  “Her husband is wicked sarcastic!”  “They really do want to kill Clark!” “Woo hoo!”  🙂

But on to the good news.  Nope, not good news for me.  Good news for YOU.

With every EMAIL subscription to Road to Joy in November, you will receive a free e-book of my (multiple) award winning debut novel, Leaving Annalise.  If you are already a subscriber and want a copy, I’m a softie so please email me: pamela@pamelafaganhutchins.com.  If you are not yet a subscriber, well, don’t just sit there playing with yourself (I swear my father still says this to my brother and me), enter your email over on the right hand column of this screen.  Then forward me your final confirmation, via email, and I will email you the book.

Easy greasy.  No excuses not to enter.

Off to count sheep.  Alone.


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