50,000 words in 30 days. Who's in?

Y’all, Nanowrimo 2010 starts November 1st and runs through the 30th.  50,000 words in 30 days.  I’m in.  Please comment with your username if you are participating, so that we can be buddies.  My name, you guessed it, is PAMELOT.  Feel free to buddy me, too.  I’ll put a counter on the blog so you can see the word count slowly rise.

This is my third Nano.  I wrote Going for Kona (the crappy first draft) in 2008, set it aside, wrote Leaving Annalise in 2009, and now I am going to write the last 2/3 of Conceding Grace in 2010.  I am also entering Going for Kona and Leaving Annalise, both after multiple rewrites, into competitions with due dates the last week in November.  And I will keep Eric, the kids, and the day job. Because I have toJust kidding. The triathlon training may have to sit in the back of the class for a month.  Anyway, November will be hard for me.

Here on Road to Joy, I’ll post some photo essays (I got a camera!  I got a real camera!), some novel excerpts, and posts from some top-secret guest bloggers! 🙂  I won’t spoil those surprises, yet.  I’ll pop in with fresh words, sleep deprived and cranky, from time to time, too.

If you would like to contribute a guest post for November, please contact me at pamela@pamelafaganhutchins.com, and I will be your best friend, forever.  And ever.  I promise.  For those of you to whom I have already promised best friendship, please, sit down, be quiet, you’re still my best friend, too.

Wish me luck!


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