Kiss and make-up or die trying.

"Us" before a Pink concert. Pink's entire Circus album breaks my heart -- the words of heartbreak when love survives and intimacy doesn't. (Phew, she and her husband pulled it back together)

The “Last Week” or Our #30days Intimacy Challenge

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Thirty days.  Thirty frickin days of real life with dogs with fleas, kids with issues, travel, illness, wrecked cars, work, errands, traffic, and a humdinger of a disagreement.  How do you sustain intimacy for thirty days through all of that, the every day crap that drains the romance out of our souls and the libidos out of our bodies?

You don’t.

I hear you:

“What the hell did she just say?  Isn’t this the woman that challenged us all to attempt this thirty day adventure, and now she says THIS???”

I know.  But you can’t.  Not every minute of every day.

I’m not in it for the short-run, though.  Are you?  The short run is composed of seconds, minutes, hours, at most a few days.  Tiny pieces of our life — important pieces — but not the sum of our life.  Or our relationships.

So here it is folks, one simple rule for keeping the train on the tracks, the intimacy in your relationship over the long run:


That’s all.  Do the behavior of love, of patience, of forgiveness, of affection…and the attitude of love, patience, forgiveness, and affection will follow, sometime soon.  As will the higher probability that your beloved will do the behavior right back at you.  If you cradle your “injury” in your hands, staring at it, talking to it, caressing it, cherishing it…you’re going to lose a lot more than minutes or hours.

If you put that bad boy down and DO THE BEHAVIOR, in no time at all (when compared to the lifetime you are sharing together), you will kiss and make-up.  Which also can be a behavior to do with an attitude that follows.   And what’s not to love about that?

Happy Day 26, folks.  It’s not 30 days — it’s a lifetime.  🙂

For those of you just starting the 30-day Challenge, here’s the poop.

The Deets:  For the next 30 days, every single day, make time for and engage in some kind of physical intimacy with your sweetie.  You may not jump under the sheets every day, but there’s a whole world of fun you can engage in.  Hold hands, Eskimo kiss, gaze into each other’s eyes, etcetera.  And you can’t keep this plan a secret.  You have to ask your partner to participate and commit with you.  You’re going to see more posts from me on this, sharing feedback from others that are participating, feedback on how this impacts their relationships.  I’d appreciate your comments, or you could email me ( and we could keep your input anonymous.

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  1. Yep, that’s the conclusion Alpha Hubby and I came to – this is a lifetime committment. The 30 days (we’re on Day 26 too) intimacy challenge simply showed us where we’d let things drop and how to pick them back up, created some new ways of thinking, renewed the fire, got us to talking about who we are NOW as compared to the hot-on-fire newlywed couple we were (it’s better now), and changed our entire outlook. I am so so so glad we took this challenge – I can’t tell you HOW glad! Even in the middle of overworking and colds, we stayed connected (even tho we may not have “connected” if you know what I mean). This has been one of THE best things we’ve done for US.

    1. One of the side benefits this challenge blessed me with is that two friends have contacted me privately to tell me that they have found “it.” The challenge was about “it” for Eric and me, but talking about “it” brought other beautiful stories/relationships into my life. I am so happy about that!

  2. People that say they have, or expect to find, “perfect” relationships where the partners never disagree or no one lets the normal daily struggles of life effect how they treat their partner are kidding themselves. Pamela and I talk about and agree that as much as we would like nirvana its not reasonable to put that much pressure on the relationship. What is reasonable is to expect our best from each other in not wallowing in it, getting through the issue whatever it is and getting back to enjoying our lives together.

    1. Eric and I both attended leadership training with our old jobs (we worked together — that’s how we met), and this was a big mantra of the trainer. It really never leaves my mind, completely. And you can apply it to just about anything important to you. Training, for example. But especially with relationships.

  3. But I thought that was the whole purpose of fighting…kissing and making up! Because what follows is the whole point, isn’t it?

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