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How many of you have ever tried learning a new sport?  How about a new extreme trick on your skateboard, wakeboard, or snowboard?  Well, I’ll bet if you have ever been involved in most sports, you would have heard someone tell you to “look in the direction you want to go”.

The reason you would have heard this is because our body generally follows our head, so if we are looking in a direction….our bodies are sure to follow, and this is often very desirable in sport.  When I used to competitively slalom water ski, I was told that when I came around a buoy in the slalom course, I should immediately crank my head across to the other side and well above the next buoy so that I would get there in lots of time.  It was a tough thing to grasp, but as I watched the very best skiers in the world, I could see them doing exactly this.  So I knew this was very wise advice.

How about when it came to learning a flip on my kneeboard?  Well, same thing….”upon leaving the wake, toss your head back and behind you so that your body, and board will follow where you are looking”.  Again, great advice and it worked.

Okay, so if this technique works in sports….I can guarantee it works in other parts of your life as well.  I guess what I’m getting at is if you look in the direction you want your life to go, life will catch up to your sights and you’ll find yourself exactly where you want to be.

This is just a concept I came up with while riding my bike last week.  It’s amazing the wisdom that can come on a bike.  As I rode along, I found myself glancing to the right to look at something…..and within seconds I found myself swerving right and in the way of traffic.  Not a great thing to do while biking on a busy street.  But as that happened, I realized that if it is this easy to move in the direction I look when I’m on my bike….why shouldn’t it be this easy in life?

Keep your eyes focused in the direction you want to be.  Do this successfully, and I promise you that life will follow right behind.  This has been your coach talking. “Get out there and have fun.”

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edit biographydelete Biography Pamela writes overly long e-mails and the What Doesn't Kill You romantic mysteries from deep in the heart of Nowheresville, TX and way up in the frozen north of Snowheresville, WY. Pamela is passionate about hiking with her hunky husband and pack of rescue dogs (and an occasional goat and donkey), riding her gigantic horses, experimenting with her Keurig, and traveling in the Bookmobile.

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  1. One of the (many) things I love about your approach to life, Darryl, is the positivity. I truly believe that if you look toward what you want, and focus on the positives of how to get there, that you harness tremendous power. If you focus on the negative (what you don’t have, what you haven’t achieved), you lose your power. It’s just that simple, and yet, scan the headlines — we feed on negativity. Look away from the negative, look toward the positive/where you want to be. See it/believe it/achieve it!

  2. Wow, I am so honored to have my writing up on your site. Thanks so much for including me and for being such an incredible friend. Yes, I am so excited to finally get to meet you guys in person. Keep up the great work and beautiful writing.


  3. Darryl;
    This really makes sense to me, and I appreciate your relating life to sports in such a positive way. Having been heavily involved in running and tennis in my younger years, I can most certainly understand the analogy. Now, as I try to walk a little farther every day on this, my weight loss and getting healthy adventure, I find that while I’m walking, my thoughts are clearer and more focused, and my general outlook is more positive. This, in turn, helps me get through my day happier and definitely more productive.

    Thanks again….. Enjoyed the post!


  4. Words to live by. Seriously, I love this post. We work so hard some times to make things far more complicated than they need to be. Most true experts that I have met in my life, are not great because their I.Q.’s are off the charts or because they are physically gifted far beyond the norm. It is because they have figured out how to make complex things simple. How to get to the essence and live and work there.

    If you liked this post as much as I do go over to Darryl’s site and dig around, you will find some amazing stuff there too.

  5. Really a great article. Somewhere in the back of my head I feel like I “knew” this, but was never really conscious of it. It is a very cool concept and I love how you bring it around from simply an athletic coaching tool to a way to live your life. I truly believe in the concept of “visualization” of knowing where we really want to be, and then setting our sites on it and putting ourselves in motion towards it.
    Great Stuff Darryl.

  6. Good post, Darryl, and great information.

    I used the “looking in the direction you are going” technique back when I rode horses. It’s amazing, you look one way and your body changes position and the horse goes the way you want him to go.

    I’ve never thought of making the connection to looking where you are going on bikes or horses (or whatever) to life. I like it. Good visual that will help keep me looking in the right direction 🙂


  7. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted looking in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go because I was too scared or not confident enough to think I could get there. Thank you!

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