First draft (65,000 words) of Conceding Grace: complete. Thanks, Nano!

Happy day.  The first draft of my third novel, Conceding Grace, is complete.  Now, that means I still have 3-6 months of agonizing editing to go.  Ultimately, I expect “Grace” will be 80,000 words, maybe 85,000. 

Nanowrimo is a Godsend for me.  It forces me to complete a first draft within a short enough time frame that the story stays alive and fresh in my mind.  It makes me write on a timeline, which is a necessary skill for an aspiring novelist.  And it suits my “last second” personality.  This is my third novel, and the third that I have drafted first during Nanowrimo. 

I am pleased with the draft of Conceding Grace, and, after a short break to re-establish my languising exercise routine and address my jelly belly, I can’t wait to dive back in for the completion/edits.

Thanks to my guest posters, without whom my blog would have gone stagnant this month: Heidi, Darryl, and Eric.  Thanks especially to my husband, Eric, who makes it possible for me to work full time and write full time, with 3 teenagers at homeHe put the joy in my heart that freed my inner writer from my inner editor, too.

Woo-hippo 😉


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