No, that’s not a cuss word.  That’s one of the nicknames bestowed on our 15-year old son by my husband, Eric.  Others include Clarkyopteryx, Clarkosaurus Rex, and Butthead.  I won’t tell you which one Eric calls him most often.  To me, he is just THAT BOY.

Whatever name he goes by, Clark is always undeniably himself.  Which means mayhem (imagine the lawnmower commercial for Allstate Insurance, below) and chaos reign in his world.  Last semester was no exception.  He managed to set himself up before finals needing a 90 in Algebra II just to pass the semester, notwithstanding his A-B range test grades and genius IQ.  Picture me shaking my head and wringing my hands with tears rolling down my face as I laugh hysterically for no apparent reason, now.

Leading up to the final, Clark knew he was at do or die time.  Finally, finally, finally, he started availing himself of opportunities for at-school and at-home tutoring, he studied, he turned completed work in, and he spoke to the teacher without turning into a statue.  Why does he wait to perform until the situation is dire?  Argh.  I asked his doctor about this, and she didn’t seem overly distressed.  Nor did she offer a pill for it.  Some help SHE is.  😉

So, Clark studied more for this final than I have ever seen him study.  He argued less with Eric than he ever has either, when Eric graded his practice tests and slashed his answers for sloppy errors or incompleteness.

And how did that kid perform on the final?  In the class in which his 6-week averages had been 61, 52, and 77, with the 77 coming only after he realized he was up against the proverbial wall?

He made a 98.  And is upset because he thought he should have made a 100.


I don’t think he learned any lessons here about the importance of sustained effort making his life easier and better.  He pulled a rabbit out of the hat, once again.


Congratulations are in order, however.  He has avoided summer school and parents frustrated every day for three long, hot months.


p.s. Today was “cliche” day on Road to Joy.  Just had a good laugh re-reading my post.  How many cliches can you find in this piece?

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