Email subscribers, you’ll need to go out to the actual website to view the video taken after Eric and I did a solo half ironman for my 44th birthday.  And OF COURSE you’ll want to do that!

[youtube -RTinAArp0U]

How cool was it of Eric to do this with me?  Because I probably would have quit after the swim without him.  I felt wayyyyy pukey.  OK, I know, TMI, but I had head congestion and I’m a side to side breather (explained in the comments to this post).  We had a nice bike leg, and the run was easy b/c we were only able to run half (walked the other half) due to my plantar fasciitis recovery.  Total time with our mega-driving transitions a dismal 7 hours…but we did it, and we had a blast.

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October 2009, Longhorn 70.3 aka Half Ironman, Austin TX. Essentially, the same time as I logged today.


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