Actual first photo taken with BRAND NEW iPhone 4, with Eric hiding behind my hair. (Thanks, Mom!!) This is admissible evidence that I was sick all weekend. {I'm feeling a little better thanks, although you can't tell from how I look in the video}

This is a vlog, y’all, so if you are an email subscriber, click the title to go out to the site and view.  If you miss the video, you miss a lot of important stuff.  Or at least you miss me giving a lot of lame excuses.

[youtube eO28qlmpgsM]

Top 5 Excuses which you will only understand if you watch…

1.  I am buried under a mountain of laundry

2.  Facebook rotted my brain

3.  My fingers are tired

4.  I was rescuing a pigeon

5.  I am washing my hair

Send me an email or leave a comment: I am re-issuing some old posts this week because I don’t have time to write.  Well, I do have time to write, but only work writing, as opposed to blog or novel writing.  Anyway, help me pick the posts to re-issue by telling me your faves.

Thanks, y’all —


p.s. Congrats to Suz who kicked booty in the Gulf Swimming (Houston) 13-14 year old girls Short Course Championships.  Bronze medal in 500 free, Gold Medal in the 4×100 relay, and 6th place ribbon in 50 free.  Someday she will swim as well as her mommy.  😉  Poppy and GiGi (my parents) even came to watch her.  It was a very big deal.

p.p.s. Liz and Clark both had kinda bummer weekends, but we are still very proud of them. They each had a chance to and justtttt barellllyyyyy missed qualifying for state: Liz in choir, Clark in Cross X Debate.  But, hey — state quals in Texas 5A are hard to come by.  They got soooooo close, and that rocks.

p.p.p.s.  Yes, my bed = my office.  I’m sure my clients are impressed.  I do HAVE an actual office, I just PREFER to sit on my comfy bed with my laptop.