Thinking of millions of people reading my work makes me feel a little pukey, too.

BlogHer wants me to make their blog readers, puke, y’all, with a special version of my post, Couples Who Make You Want to Puke, running on their site as of today, March 21st at this LINK HERE. Oh, beloved readers, please visit the link and comment, share, tweet, post to Facebook, and scatter pixie dust and little sparkly good luck charms on it.  This is tremendously good exposure for me, and I’d love them to invite me back.  And did I mention you can access the posting HERE?

About BlogHer:

BlogHer is the largest community of women who blog: 25+ million unique visitors per month (Nielsen NetRatings). Engaged, influential and info-savvy, these women come to BlogHer to seek and share advice, opinions and recommendations.

Let’s see — I write women’s fiction and narrative nonfiction.  That means this is just about the most fantabulous audience ever, for me.   Help a struggling writer out?

Update:  things are going well for pukey couples out in BlogHer land.  🙂




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